My expereince as a Banni Jewelry ambassador

2 min readJan 21, 2021

How I started my Banni Jewelry Ambassador Journey

A few weeks ago Banni Jewelry sent me an email from one of their social commerce managers offering their Banni Jewelry ambassador program. They are a jewelry brand Swedish fine jewelry brand based out of Stockholm that wants to inspire women on social media.

I usually don’t do collabs with brands but there was something about the Banni Jewelry ambassador program that really intrigued me. I looked at their Instagram and saw mostly regular girls being posted on their page which I really admired.

So I got an email from the Banni Jewelry team, or specifically Clara Angstrom, where she told me she really appreciated the content I have posted in the past weeks and that they would really like to have me as a Banni Jewelry ambassador with Banni Jewelry for their coming collections.

I replied pretty quickly telling Elsa that I of course was interested and the next day she had replied with some further ambassador details.

Long story short I got offered 50% off to buy some the banni jewelry products for myself + some other perks. I ordered three products from Banni Jewelry and the delivery was a bit slower (they state 2–3 days) but it arrived in the afternoon after 4 days. Could be the shipping company so maybe not their fault but just something I noticed after I placed my order.

The product

Fast forward and I get the products in the mail — the jewelry I had ordered was their signature Waterdrop necklace as the image above + two more rings, that I love!!

Will publish some pictures from my most recent South East Asia, before COVID happend, that I took in my new banni jewelry assesorices when I get around to edit them aahah!!

So far my experince with the Banni Jewelry ambassador program has been fantastic! + I just noticed that they started a live chat so Daniella helped me out with some shipping questions before I just placed my second order.